I haven’t been this excited to try an organic skincare range in a really, really long time. As you know, I’ve reviewed many organic/natural beauty brands on the blog in the past as it tends to be a category in beauty I mainly gravitate towards. Zuii Organic, Australian certified organic skincare and makeup brand, has a lot of rave reviews on social media from people who’ve tried their products. Personally this is my first time trying them out and so far – i’m really impressed.

I like the ethics behind the company. They focus on creating organic, vegan, cruelty-free products. All their products go through extensive product testing, research and development to ensure there are ZERO harsh chemicals. I’ve been using these two particular body care products daily (in turns with some other skincare staples) for a good while, and finally wanted to lay some of my thoughts out about it.

Flora Moisturising Body Wash

If you only ever buy one body wash – make it this. Dry skin has always been a major concern for me and it’s one of the many reasons why I tend to shy away from traditional bar soaps. Although soaps effectively clean grime and dirt, they also strip the skin of its lipids, which influences it’s hydration status. This wash on the other hand packs a deep moisturizing punch and locks in hydration like no other. It has a gel-cream formula which contains subtle notes of yummy Citrus and Vanilla and lathers into a fluffy cloud of skin-silkening heaven.

The best part? It contains a perfect blend of the most nourishing essential oils with a undeniably scent that lingers for a few hours post-shower and serves as a gorgeous base for practically any perfume you layer on top. The wash can also be used to cleanse your body, face and hair. (Which makes for a good multi-use product). Application wise, I massage into my skin using circular motions with the Zuii Exfoliating Mitt, work up into a lather then rinse off. The formula is also hypoallergenic and soap-free — yet it still leaves skin feeling clean.

Key ingredients:

• Bamboo
• Green Tea
• Chamomile

Flora Hydrating Body Polish

Body polishes I’ve never really fussed with until I tried this one. This thick, grainy scrub is simply irresistible, smells incredible, and melts when buffed into skin. Unlike most scrubs/body polishes I’ve used in this past, this one didn’t feel like it was irritating or scratching at my skin upon application.

The buffing beads are extremely-fine and mixed into a creamy, moisturizing base, making it gentle and hydrating. Nor messy or goopy at all — it actually stays where you apply it to, without sliding all over your skin. Overall, this body polish is a hit in my eyes because it’s a gentle, yet effective treatment for anyone who wants a thorough exfoliation. Not to mention, the packaging vibes with any shower decor.

Key Ingredients:

• Himalayan Salt
• Bamboo Stem

My final thoughts?

Overall, I’m impressed with this range, especially the body polish. Skin dehydration has always been my main concern, and I must say Zuii Organic performs amazingly well in bettering my body cleansing routine and dehydration factors. You can find all of these lovely organic skincare products at the Zuii Organic website or their stockists.

Are there any products that you’ve tried from Zuii Organic? I’d love to know your thoughts. Let me know in the comments section below!