I remember when I was 13, I wanted to wear eyeliner. My mom was strict on other issues, but allowed me to do so. Since she was from Israel, she had a non American view of when was too young to start using beauty products. She said I was allowed on one condition, if I removed it every night and used moisturizer afterwards. Yes, my mom made me clean and moisturize my face at 13! At 53 years old, I can say it was the best thing she ever taught me.

However, although that helped me achieve younger looking skin throughout my life, there are a few things I wish I did more of. The following is advice for younger women out there and what I wish I could go back in time and do differently.

1. Do not bake in the sun and wear SPF.

I think this is the most important of all. Now, I am not totally at fault for this because I don’t think sun protection was so big in the 70’s and 80’s but it definitely “came to light” by the early 90’s. I didn’t listen. There was rooftop sunbathing in NYC. Trips to beaches that lasted all day. Tanning beds (YIKES!). I also never wore SPF until I was in my mid 40’s; and not every day at first. Now, I wear AT LEAST SPF 30 rain or shine. Yes, rays peak through the clouds I learned when I got laser removal. I never sunbathe either. I am not saying become a vampire but, you’ve got to protect your skin from the harsh rays at least during the peak hours of 12-3.

2. Pay attention to your neck and décolletage.

Yes, I moisturized my face. I even put on eye cream from my early 20’s but did I pay attention to the connected areas…and it shows. Nothing gives your age away more than chest wrinkles. While you are at it, slap on that sunscreen there too. 

3. Start Retinoids now.

Don’t wait until you start to see wrinkles, start BEFORE you do. Early prevention is key.

4. Stop overwashing your face.

A little oil will not make you have a breakout for Pete’s sake. Stop scrubbing your face the way you do burnt cheese off your late night burrito plate.

5. Do not wax excess hair on your face.

Being half Mediterranean, I had a moustache. I waxed it so much it affected my skin. That is by far the oldest and most wrinkled part of my face. I got laser hair removal on my chin after menopause and it was the best money spent. It is not as expensive as you think. It pays itself off if you compare it to all of the waxing appointments over the years. 

6. Eat healthy.

You are what you eat and consuming foods with chemicals and too much sugar WILL affect your skin AND FUTURE! I wish I read labels earlier in life. Go check your cabinets now. Go on. Try to find me ONE food that has no grams of sugar and preservatives. 

7. Limit drinking alcohol.

We all know this is dehydrating to the skin. Save it for when you are over 50 with college kids, mortgages, and bills…but follow it with tons of water at least.

8. Don’t stress it.

Stress can really affect your skin. Everything always works out in the end. You will see some of things you worried about in your 20’s will seem like a joke in your 50’s.


Jayne Nicoletti is an actress and director living in New York. She has two stepdaughters and a fur baby. After starting her own YouTube channel and Instagram account, she has become a beauty and foodie influencer. She also creates self-written skits and short films which were premiered at film festivals.