9 ways to stay healthy while traveling

9 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Whether you are someone that travels every week for business, a weekend road tripper, or only travels a few times per year, you’ve likely realized that staying healthy on the go can be quite challenging and may not always seem worth the effort. ...

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12 tips to help you unwind when you're stressed

12 Tips to Help You Unwind When You’re Stressed

We all stress out at some point. It's part of being human and let's face it, life is hard. However, it really matters how you react to it. Stress can have adverse effects on your health. The good thing is stress can be manageable. I know some days it ...

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How to Live a More Positive Lifestyle

Life is a little crazy sometimes . . . actually, it can be pretty crazy a lot of the time. Things happen that we don’t plan for. People can be rude or unkind to us for no reason. We go through traumatic experiences that throw us off our game for a lo ...

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How to refresh and reset your life in 5 easy steps

How to Refresh and Reset Your Life in 5 Easy Steps

It's that time of the year again when everything seems to be a bit hectic and out of control. The middle of the year is usually when people start to feel very overwhelmed and all over the place. The New Year’s resolutions have slowly died out, everyon ...

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Do Skin, Hair and Nail Supplements Really Work?

One of the most common questions that comes into our minds while talking about wellness, lifestyle and beauty. It’s one of those topics that combine skincare, haircare, healthy eating and lifestyle into one picture. Do skin, hair and nail supplements ...

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High-End Beauty Brands, Is It Worth The Investment?

I am always on the hunt for the best beauty products. At department stores, you can find exclusive brands with hefty price tags, while drugstores offer mainstream products at a more affordable price. How do these two types of makeup really compare? Is ...

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Plants You Can Grow at Home for Radiant Skin

Is there anything more soothing for the mind than a beautiful garden at home? Smell the wonderful fragrances, enjoy the visit of butterflies and bumblebees and just simply enjoy the beautiful sight of colorful flowers. If you plant the right flowers a ...

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Zuii Organic – Review

I haven’t been this excited to try an organic skincare range in a really, really long time. As you know, I've reviewed many organic/natural beauty brands on the blog in the past as it tends to be a category in beauty I mainly gravitate towards. Zuii O ...

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