A few weeks ago, Irresistible Me reached out to me, offering that I try their Silky Touch clip-in hair extensions. Being a self-proclaimed beauty addict, I jumped on the opportunity to try their product. So, here’s the low-down. I have medium-length, thick hair. Most of my life I’ve always experimented with different hair lengths, colors, and styles (I’m pretty sure we all did, right?) So, the beginning of last year, I took a leap of faith and chopped off my locks into a Lob (long bob) and completely regretted it. I had long hair my whole life, so, I found it really hard to adapt to the new change and for some reason I didn’t think the hairstyle suited me much either. For that reason, I then began the journey of growing my hair back to it’s original length, which was originally half way down my back. So, I thought while it grows, It’ll be a great idea to try out these extensions.

The Irresistible Me Hair Extensions came packaged in a small sleek black box, inside the box, you will receive a bag with two compartments. On one side you will have most of the hair and on the other side you will receive a sample, so that you can check the quality and the color of the hair to see if it matches.

I must say, I was very surprised when opening the package, because there is SO much hair. Each weft of hair is unbelievably soft and didn’t seem to tangle at first touch.

The Irresistible Me Hair Extensions come in a variety of colors, length and weight. I opted for the Chocolate Brown, 24″ and 200g set. The Chocolate Brown shade matched my hair color perfectly. The 24″ 200g set comprises of 10 hair pieces. 1 pc of 4 clips (7.5″), 2 pcs of 3 clips (6″), 5 pcs of 2 clips (4″), 2 pcs of 1 clip (1.2″)

In the pictures above you see how my hair looks without and with the hair extensions, don’t they just look incredible?

These extensions are 100% natural remy human hair which means you can colour, cut, wash and heat style them without damaging them at all. I’ve already washed and heat styled these extensions and they are still looking and feeling pretty as ever!

These hair extensions are so beautiful, soft and luxurious. They blend so gorgeously with your natural hair and the small snap-on clips are so comfortable to wear, you won’t even feel them once you clip them in. I know the attaching process of hair extensions can be daughting for beginners but attaching them is super easy. Just bend the clip to pop it open, slide it into your hair and close the clip, that’s it!

The Irresistible Me Hair Extensions are available in a pretty impressive range of shades, everything from blonde, brown, red and black ones. So, you will definitely find the perfect shade that will blend with your natural hair.

My final thoughts?

I am SO impressed with my Irresistible Me Clip-in Hair Extensions. They are so much easier than I could have ever imagined to use, and they are absolutely gorgeous. The quality is truly outstanding!

If you’re in the market for some high quality clip-in human hair extensions, I’d definitely recommend Irresistible Me.

Have you tried Irresistible Me clip-in hair extensions? I’d love to know your thoughts. Let me know in the comments section below. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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