Mornings can be rough for some people. I totally can relate! When your bed is so warm and cozy, it is tough to leave it to face the real world. I have found if I have something to look forward to, I am more likely to get up with my first alarm and face the day. A great way to incorporate something you enjoy daily, is to set up a morning routine that you love. Keep reading to learn how to start a minimalist morning routine that you will love! 

A morning routine should set your day off on the right foot. We are looking to incorporate positive activities that bring you joy, energy, and improve health. 

Life is busy and stressful. A personalized morning routine can prepare you to handle everything that comes your way, while still looking and feeling fabulous! 

I am assuming that this will be a weekday/workday routine. If you are looking for a weekend or day off routine, all of these tips will still work, you will just have more time and flexibility to accommodate your routine. For some ideas for a luxurious weekend routine, check out this post!

Less is more strategy

Often I read about people’s morning routines and think “Wow, this will take my ENTIRE morning”! I don’t have time for that! 

A meaningful morning routine doesn’t need to be long. By filtering 3-4 specific activities into your other getting ready activities, you can feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day!

With coming up with a minimalist morning routine, we want to focus on a few highly impactful activities that you can add to your morning with minimal time spent. Know yourself and your needs so you can make the best choices for yourself. 

Identify what is most important to you

Ask yourself, what do you hope to gain from this minimalist morning routine? Answers are personal and variable, but could include answers like:

  • Start the morning in a calm manner
  • Improve your look or confidence in your look
  • Fitness- Sweat it out!
  • Make healthy choices
  • Peace and quiet
  • Learn something new
  • Get energized

Once you have identified your goals from the routine, brainstorm a few things you could do in the morning to help you to create the feeling you are looking for. 

What limitations do you have to your morning routine?  

Lets face it, most of us would love to have a 3 hour long pampering routine each day, but that is just not practical for most of us! Look at your normal morning and see what limitations you need to work with to create a routine that fits.

Plan ahead and ask yourself how you can accommodate those limitations? 

If you have kids at home, then your routine will need to happen before they wake up. 

If you share a small space with a partner who sleeps later than you, then your routine will need to be either out of your home or very very quiet! 

How much time will you have to devote to your routine each morning?

These limitations are not problems or reasons to skip your routine. They are just information points in your schedule that you need to work with. 

Are there any parts of the morning that drain your energy? 

Think through what you normally do and reflect on any parts that you just hate. 

Maybe choosing an outfit and getting dressed sends you into a stress spiral each morning? Then lay out an outfit the night before, or consider a “uniform” or capsule wardrobe method. 

If exercising in the morning doesn’t work for you, then don’t force it. Plan a lunch time or evening workout and use your morning moments for an activity you love. 

Are you ready to create your minimalist morning routine? 

Brainstorm ideas, starting with the things you wrote down earlier. Don’t forget that this is a minimalist morning routine, so be looking for a few activities that are highly impactful and personally beneficial to you.

Here are some additional suggestions. Feel free to mix and match them in the categories to create a routine that works for you. 

Start the morning in a calm manner

  • Gratitude journal
  • Have a hot cup of tea or coffee in a comfy chair
  • Do a few calming yoga poses 

Improve your look or confidence in your look

  • Find a skincare routine that works for you
  • Splurge on some wonderfully scented lotions or soaps
  • Eat a healthy breakfast with fruit
  • Practice positive self talk or say certain affirmations to yourself

Fitness – Sweat it out!

  • Go for a run or walk outside
  • Do a HIIT or Zumba workout from Youtube

Make healthy choices

  • Eat a healthy breakfast 
  • Move your body in some way to get your blood flowing
  • Do a few yoga poses
  • Don’t look at your phone or any technology first thing

Peace and quiet

  • Find a quiet spot in the house
  • Set time to read an enjoyable book 
  • Start a meditation practice 
  • Journal about gratitudes or intentions for the day

Learn something new

  • Find a podcast to listen to 
  • Read a book that promotes learning
  • Try a new workout from Youtube
  • Connect with a friend, plan a video chat if you know they are awake or send a text

Get energized

Make a rough schedule

Take the required items you have to do in the morning, like getting ready, dressed, and ready for the day and add approximate lengths of time for those. Add in the specific things you wrote on your list and include times and mix them into the schedule so that it flows for you!

Once you have your rough schedule, then go ahead and start your new minimalist morning routine! 

If you need a little more time to fit in your routine without being rushed, then work on waking up a few minutes earlier each day until you have enough time. Here are some great ideas to help you with waking up earlier.

Don’t be afraid to change it up!

This minimalist morning routine is not set in stone forever! Try your initial routine for a couple of weeks, evaluate what is working for you and what isn’t.  Make changes, there is no judgement here! 

Consider moving activities to a different time so your routine will flow better. Or replace one activity for another. There are no rules!

You might find that you really get into a journaling routine, and have a hard time getting back on track with your routine. Then adjust your journaling to your evening and replace it with a quick gratitude list in the morning. 

This routine is flexible and should be a positive change to your life. It is not a failure if you need to make changes or completely revamp it. Life changes, your needs and mornings change. Be flexible and set a routine that works for where you are right now! 

With these tools, you now have everything you need to create your personal minimalist morning routine! Do you have a morning routine that you love? Share it with us in the comments! I love hearing about other people’s routines to see if there are ideas that would work for me!


Katie Van Wyngarden is a personal finance blogger who resides in Washington, USA. She is passionate about helping women understand and own their finances so they can focus on living life to the fullest. By using approachable information, and incorporating all areas of your life, Katie is able to make finances relatable and less intimidating for women. You can visit her blog at or follow her on Instagram here.