Want to know how to feel better during these changing times? Have you suffered from loneliness, anxiety or even depression lately?  Our world is going through a global evolution. That’s why learning how to flow through these changing times will be vitally important to you. 

Astrologically we are moving from Capricorn energy to Aquarius energy. What that means is a shift from looking to authority figures for guidance to connecting to your own authority and your own inner guidance. It’s basically the end of patriarchy and the beginning of fully embracing the unique expression of YOU. Not defined by societal norms or religious definitions. 

But with that change comes uncertainty. And that can cause you to have uncomfortable feelings and feel out of control.

In this article I want to share with you why learning how to manage your emotions and feelings will benefit you. And that doing so is one of the most important tools you can have to feel good as you journey through the global evolution, we are currently in. 

Let me ask you… have you experienced any of these things lately?

  • Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Relationship Conflict
  • Emotional Eating
  • Waves of Anxiety or Rage
  • Feeling Lonely and Misunderstood

I want you to know you are not alone. Though that may not make you feel better it’s important for you to know… you are not crazy. Your feelings and what you’re going through is very valid.

The question is how are you handling your difficult emotions and emotional situations that come up in your relationships? When you feel overwhelmed do you know what to do? If your relationships are stressed do you know how to communicate in a way that is honoring to yourself and the other person. 

We Are In a Great Awakening

These are must have skills as we move forward into the future. You see, we are moving from “thinking beings” to “feeling beings.” Our logical mind has brought many evolutionary benefits to the world. Now is the time to drop into our hearts and create a culture of care and compassion. 

The polarization that has happened will destroy us. It’s time to heal and realign our values. And your feelings will show you the way. I believe that though life seems crazy right now… we are in a great awakening. 

And what that means is no more numbing out. A result of overthinking instead of paying attention to your feelings. You know, things like overeating, overdrinking, overworking, over shopping even over cleaning. Any obsessive behavior that keeps you from feeling will numb you from your negative emotions.

Emotional Awareness – Your Feminine Power Tool

Emotional awareness is what’s needed right now during this great awakening. It’s about going inward and cultivating your inner authority by accessing your body’s wisdom and the healing power of your heart. That’s the feminine principle. And that’s where your true power resides.   

Nonetheless, this idea that you have everything you need within you is a foreign concept in our culture. But the truth is your body is wiser than you can ever imagine. The problem is you probably don’t really live in your body. Your probably more identified with your mind. 

Are you living more in your head, not your body. That can cause all kinds of emotional distress. 

Signs You are Living in Your Head and Not Your Body

  • You torture yourself by reliving embarrassing moments.
  • Always asking “why” instead of allowing.
  • Rehashing conversations and thinking about what you should or shouldn’t have said.
  • Overly critical of yours and others’ mistakes.
  • Dwelling on things from the past.
  • Worried about things you have no control over.
  • Have a need to have things a certain way.
  • Have trouble sleeping because your mind won’t slow down.

Have you ever wished you could just turn off your mind? I know I’ve suffered from overthinking. And for me the only way to find peace is to do those things that calm my mind and allow me to “be” in my body. The crazy thing is that most people don’t even know the difference. We identify ourselves from our minds but that’s not who we are. 

Your Mind Makes Up Stories

If you think about it your mind is often telling you lies. Have you ever had a situation, maybe a relationship challenge, and you made the worst out of it until you finally had a chance to talk it out with the other person, heart to heart.

This is what happens in relationships all the time. We make up horrible stories. And those stories become real. At least in our minds. But those horrible stories in your mind are what disconnects you from others. Those stories ruin relationships and tear people apart. That’s why there’s so much loneliness, isolation and compulsive behaviors. 

We aren’t connecting. But the reason for this is because we don’t have a connection with ourselves. It’s just not something we learned in elementary school…. let alone in any other educational institution.

Quite the contrary. We’ve all learned how to disconnect. And most of us are really quite good at it. That’s why, as mentioned earlier, behaviors like overeating, overdrinking, over shopping and other destructive behaviors are so common. These are all coping mechanism to not feel. 

In order to survive and even thrive in this global transformation you must learn how to feel. Don’t be afraid of your intense emotions or uncomfortable feelings. They are an important part of this evolution process you are in.

Thinking is masculine and feeling is feminine. It’s not that you are going to stop thinking, you just need to balance all that overthinking with more feeling. 

Strong Emotions That Are Out of Control

Our society has taught us to keep our feelings in check. God forbid your feelings might get out of control. But really it’s when you repress them that they later come out sideways, leading to out of control and destructive behavior.

Ultimately, it’s not about learning how not to feel your uncomfortable emotions but rather it’s learning how to get better at feeling them. That is if you want to have good mental health, feel better and have it truly be sustainable. Which is going to be the number tool moving forward.

With all that said, how do you deal with your feelings. Do you process them. Do you even know how to process them? When you start to learn how to feel your feelings, a whole new world will open up to you. 

Benefits of Greater Emotional Awareness:

  • Your relationships with become more fulfilling. 
  • True intimacy will be attainable. 
  • You’ll have more vitality and fewer health issues. 

They say, “Your issues are in your tissues.” And you’ll keep repeating your issues over and over again feeling stuck in life. That is until you learn how to really be there for yourself emotionally.

I want you to know your emotions are not the enemy. They are your feminine treasure waiting to be found. Learn how to honor this powerful feminine force in your body. When you do you’ll transform negative emotions into greater embodied awareness and enhanced mental clarity.

And as you become effective in dealing with your emotions they’ll no longer unconsciously rule your life.

Remember your uncomfortable, intense and negative emotions are actually an opportunity to empower yourself. Are you ready to learn how?


Anna-Thea is an author and Divine Feminine Educator. You can find out more about her work at www.annathea.org

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