No other skin problem has ever caused so much irritation and frustration than acne. If you’ve never experienced sifting through countless facial products trying to find the cure-all, consider yourself lucky. For those who’ve suffered and are still suffering from it, though, the search continues.

And with every skincare trend that comes to light, people continue to realize some facts that help them find the right product; such that, prices don’t necessarily imply its effectiveness, and that sometimes, the fewer the ingredients, the more effective and safer it can be.

When it comes to inexpensive treatments that contain less to none harmful chemicals, going all natural is the best. Instead of paying ridiculous amounts on products ridden with toxic chemicals that may damage your skin in the long run, it does sound better to go natural with readily available ingredients.

If you want to incorporate natural acne products into your beauty regimen, here are some steps to do so:

Cleansing (AM and PM)

Washing off the day’s pollution, dirt, and make-up is certainly the first step to avoiding acne. Here are a few natural alternatives to try.


Start by splashing warm water on the face and massaging 1/2 tsp. of honey (Manuka or raw honey, with a bioactivity of 12 or higher). Leave it on and rinse after 30 seconds. Honey has antibacterial and medicinal properties that prevent bacterial growth. As it cleanses without stripping the skin’s moisture, it will leave it smoother and more hydrated.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is also anti-microbial and moisturizing and even helps reduce redness, inflammation, and the appearance of acne scars. Just make sure to use it only when your acne is already healing or still mild. Commercial pure aloe vera gel is good, although it’s best to use gel directly from the plant. Leave it for 20 minutes, wash off with water, and pat dry.

Cleansing Oil

Oil for skincare is now more than just a trend, as it has been proven to dissolve the dirt that’s blocking your pores. However, this should only be done when you have no active acne and just in the evening. You may also ease into it by doing it once a week, so you can observe how your skin will react.

Pure oil from jojoba, avocado, grapeseed, hemp seed, and hazelnut are just some of the best in beating acne. You can take a look at this post for the amazing benefits of using cleansing oils on your skin.

To do an oil cleanse, wet your face and take a pea-sized amount of oil. Massage it gently on the face with your fingertips in a circular motion, to cover the whole face.

Dip a cloth in warm water, squeeze out the excess, and place over the entire face, letting it sit for 10 seconds. The warm cloth will help open up the pores. Then, take the cloth off and wipe the excess oil. Repeat the steps, and then splash cold water on the face to close the pores.


Using a toner will remove any remaining dirt or make-up and will also help restore your skin’s pH balance. You can use rosewater or raw apple cider vinegar diluted in spring water as natural alternatives. Rosewater has antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory, too. However, do not use this if you have active cystic acne, and it should be applied gently with cotton.


Again, the most natural moisturizer to use is oil, specifically jojoba oil, as its chemical structure closely resembles the skin’s sebum. However, it may first purge the skin and release all the clogged-up dirt in the pores. This may last a few, painful weeks.

Aside from jojoba, try non-clogging oils like rosehip or hemp seed. The former helps fade acne scars and is easily absorbed by the skin, while the latter can reduce inflammation and redness. Just make sure to avoid your eyes when applying these oils, and to heal your acne completely before use.

Spot treatment and scrubs

For active pimples, you may opt to use a natural spot treatment like 100% tea tree oil. It’s antibacterial and will dry out a pimple. However, since it is very drying, it’s best not to overuse it.

There are also natural scrubs that you can use to exfoliate. Make sure to only do it twice a week at the most, and not to exfoliate when there’s active acne. An alternative is to mix 1 tbsp. each of ground oats and loose green tea, and 1 tsp. of honey. Leave the mask on the face for 15 minutes, and then rub it in circular motion using only the fingertips. Wash it off afterward.

The Simple Solution

To learn more tips on how you can prevent and heal acne, do check out this article. And aside from everything mentioned so far, what you can also do to clear up your pimple problems is to live a healthy, all-natural lifestyle. That means avoiding processed food, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and exercising.