Do you feel less motivated, inspired, write this week’s post and just hope for it to be over instead of feeling excited? Do you feel overwhelmed and so busy – sometimes just the thought of your blog makes you feel stressed out? Maybe even the worst: you don’t enjoy blogging anymore?

Then chances are high you’re suffering from blogger burnout! Yes, you read right: Blogger Burnout – it is a real issue.

Not only people who work in a corporate job can suffer from this – bloggers do too!

It can happen at every stage. As beginner as you just started and have this huge learning curve ahead of you or as an advanced blogger, who’s blogging for years and has so many tasks to do.

Here are a few ways you can avoid blogger burnout.

Set a fixed blogging time

Many bloggers are not yet able to work full-time. Some of you might be in a corporate job to be able to pay your bills and to cover your costs of living. Where others of you guys already have an own family. Or you’re in a similar situation as me and go to university while being a full-time student.

Set a time each day where you’ll work on your blog, for example (this could be different, depending on e.g. your working shifts) from 4 pm to 6 pm & write down beforehand which tasks you must do.

Make this time your priority to make sure you get your work done. And afterward, you can do whatever you want and maybe even have more free time. By doing this you may feel calmer and will be more productive. Build the other “things” such as hobbies.

Sometimes this means scarifying “quality time” with your friends and family – by no means, you shouldn’t neglect those people who are important to you, but from time to time you have to say “no”. They might get mad at you, but they also know it’s your job and dream you want to make true.

I’m sure they will understand and support you in general.

Lower your expectations – and focus on one goal at a time

Many bloggers get caught up in wanting to do everything at once – which isn’t possible nor healthy!

I know, we all want to make the best out of our blogs, but perfectionism will more likely harm you than help.

You could try to grow your E-Mail list this month and set your target to be more active on social media the next.

Focus one goal each month will make it easier to stick to and you’ll feel less stressed.

Take care of yourself

If you’re in blogger burnout you might easily forget to take care of yourself. If you neglect this, you will not only harm your body but also your mental health. And without our health, we can’t do anything. Stress is one of the main causes why people get sick and it’s often underestimated.

Take a step back and allow yourself to relax.
If possible, take one day each week where you have a “blogging free day”. Of course, you should answer your emails. But use this day to refresh yourself.

Go after your (other) hobbies, take a bath, cook yourself a nutritious meal – heck, do whatever you love and often don’t permit yourself to.

Rest is necessary for productivity. After this day you might feel so much better and more balanced to start the next day.

Live in the present

We often tend to think about all the things which need to get done this week or even month, but this is counterproductive. The future doesn’t exist – for now!

Meditation is a huge help to bring you back to the present moment & it will make you more focused, happier in general and more relaxed in the long term.

Set yourself a goal to meditate every morning for 10-15 minutes. By doing so, your mind will be clear, and you’ll feel more ready for today. It’s likely worries, and thoughts come into your mind.

Let them go and don’t judge them. If there’s too much chaos in your head, I find it helpful to say in your head “stop” and let the thoughts pass.

If you’re meditating for your first time it can be difficult at the beginning. See and treat your mind as a muscle and thrust the process as it’ll get easier the more you practice it.

And most of all, be patient!

Have A Balanced Lifestyle

We all know it’s vital to take care of your body by eating a balanced diet and getting enough exercise. It’s a simple yet difficult aspect at some time.

If you’re overworking you could tend to forget eating or quite the opposite, stress eating. Neither of those is healthy. And they could turn into bad habits, which are hard to get out of, fast.

Regular mealtimes can be simply incorporated into your schedule & it’s easier to stick to them, as you have them at a glance.

In terms of exercise, you don’t have to go to the gym or for a jog every day. But taking a 30-minute long walk is good for your immune- & cardiovascular system. You could do some relaxing stretches for your whole body throughout the day. As this helps with stiff muscles & releases stress.

I feel better since Yoga and Meditation are parts of my daily routine.

These are just suggestions and there is no one size fits all. I hope you’ll find something helpful for you.

Connect with other bloggers

Thanks to the worldwide web there are many opportunities to unite with other bloggers.
Such as Facebook groups, where are bloggers of all stages – from beginners to pros. Knowing you’re not alone and being able to chat with others is very helpful.

You can easily exchange experiences, valuable tips and learn from real people. As you can ask questions or report your problems and chances are high, you’ll find solutions.

A nice side effect could be you’re meeting new friends from around the world or even your future business partners.

Everything is possible. We’re all in the same boat


Kerstin is a owner of Shinykitsune. Her blog covers mental health, spirituality, self-development and lifestyle topics.

You can also find blog posts about studying Japanese, as this is what Kerstin does as full-time student at university, next to international business.

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