Facial tools can be pretty life-changing. Not only do they have the potential to lift and sculpt the face while waking up your complexion, but the act of using them, aka giving yourself a proper facial massage — is the ultimate self-care ritual.

I’m always looking for any excuse to pamper myself daily, so I jumped at the chance to take the Celluvac Rose Quartz Facial Roller and Gua Sha Set for a spin.

Let’s start out with gua sha. So, you may be wondering what exactly is gua sha and how can a stone offer so many beauty benefits? Well, read on to find out.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua sha is an ancient Chinese practice for directing energy, improving circulation and treating muscle pain. Traditionally, it’s performed in vigorous scraping motions over the body, but you’re probably most familiar with the gentler version for the face using a small, contoured tool made from crystal or mineral-rich stone.

When applied to the face for cosmetic reasons; it helps sculpt, fight puffiness, detoxify, increase collagen production, encourage lymphatic drainage and fight signs of aging.

My experience with Gua Sha:

Since entering my mid-twenties, early signs of ageing like puffiness and dullness have become more visible. Due to my long hours on my computer and phone, my skin always looks tired and I rarely wake up in the morning feeling (and looking) well-rested.

You can imagine I would love to solve this issue, hopefully with the help of this tool.

Every night before bed, I applied the hydrating serum and used the tool to massage it in.

The highlight? How satisfying this tool was to use. The ritual of the “scraping” motion truly relaxed my face.

When I ran it across the tense muscles along my cheeks, jawline and neck, I finally felt the knots release, it was an amazing sensation.

After a while, I didn’t really care about the aesthetic results — relieving that kind of tension felt really good.

The stone itself is beautiful, the coolness feels great on my skin, and it is easy to incorporate into my evening skincare routine.

I find that the shape of this particular tool hits all the right angles for my face. I use it a few times a week at the end of the day, mostly at the end of my skincare routine, and find it’s a relaxing practice with many added health benefits.

After each use, I’m left with a de-puffed face, energised skin and the release of tension.

Time will tell what else this magic stone can do for my skin but I’m more than happy with the immediate results it’s provided thus far.

How to use your Gua Sha:

I usually start with a clean face and prep the skin by putting on either a serum or face oil. (this adds a nice glide for the tool and helps the product absorb better).

I draw different edges of the tool along the jawline, cheekbones, browline, forehead, even going gently under the eyes and along the sides of my nose.

I go over each part of the face about 10 times, making sure to pull in the same direction each time (as opposed to going back and forth).

Side note: It is recommended to follow the practice of facial Gua Sha at least thrice a week to maintain results. You can choose to do it in the morning to reduce puffiness or at night, just before sleeping, to relax your facial muscles.

My experience with the Rose Quartz Face Roller:

It didn’t take long to realize this facial roller is of much higher quality than others that I have tried.

Immediately upon unboxing the quality can be felt in the weight of the product, the smoothness of the stones, and the way in which the stones are secured. Overall, it feels more luxurious than others.

I use it with serums, sheet masks and oils; it has really cut down on the amount of product I use since it isn’t absorbed by my fingers.

I also really appreciate the ease and efficacy of this dual-sided tool. The larger side is great for rolling along areas such as my jawline and neck, and the smaller side can be used to get into those harder-to-reach inner-eye corners.

Overall, it’s so much fun to use, and makes my skin feel invigorated, awake and fresh.

How to use your Rose Quartz Face Roller:

The rose quartz face rollers can be glided on bare, dry skin, or after application of a leave-on skincare product.

I usually opt for a face oil, (specifically the one provided by Celluvac). I apply a thin layer to the entire face, and move the tool from the center of the face upward and outward sweeping motion.

Pro tip: Pop your face roller in the fridge a few minutes prior to rolling for an extra refreshing touch.

My final thoughts?

All in all, this ancient yet mainstream trend is much more than just a crazy fad. These pretty stones have worked wonders for my skin with astounding results.

If you would like to try this amazing set, you can take a peek at the Celluvac website here.

What do you think of these tools? Have you experimented with face rolling and Gua Sha before?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!