Ah, celebrities. We either love them, or love to hate them. Their job largely consists of creating entertainment pieces that we indulge in, and every time they show up in movies, music videos, TV and magazines, we’re taken aback with just how perfect they look. How do you reach this level of attractiveness? Is it even possible for us regular folks who don’t have an entourage of nutritionists, chefs, personal trainers, hair stylists, makeup artists and plastic surgeons following us around?

Why yes, yes it is. Do you know why? Because celebrities, regardless of what they’ll have you believe, are still just human beings who, at one point in their life, got a really good advice on what to do to retain their beauty and youth. We got you curious, didn’t we? Good, because we want to let you in on some of their best-kept celebrity beauty secrets.


What do stars do when they have a week before the Oscars and want their face to glow? Microdermabrasion with a diamond-tipped wand is a popular procedure which Julianne Moore and Emma Roberts love doing, and it leaves their skin looking smooth and flawless. Most skin care clinics offer a slightly less luxurious variation of this procedures and any lady who fights textured and uneven skin should treat herself to this occasionally.

Liposuction and CoolSculpting

From Kim to Khloe, it’s well-known that the Kardashian clan is no stranger to plastic surgery. They openly admit that they are fans of various procedures, and people all over the world love that kind of openness and the fact that aesthetic procedures are no longer a taboo. Australia, in particular, seems to be fond of plastic surgery as women there spend a lot of time caring for their bodies, so liposuction in Perth and other cities seems to be as popular as ever. If you have stubborn pockets of fat that won’t go away despite a proper diet and exercise plan, don’t be shy to ask a doctor for a consultation. Why not make your road to a sexy body easier?

Lip injections

Although most don’t openly admit it, lip injections are quite popular among celebrities. Just compare Margot Robbie’s pictures from the beginning of her career to her pictures now and you’ll see a subtle, but beautiful difference. This is usually a very safe, easy procedure and it can give you a beautiful, plump pout.

Proper nutrition

Being a celebrity is tough, because it’s basically your job to look good most of the time. Most of them work out regularly, and you’ll rarely see them stuffing their face in a fast food joint. They eat well, because they know that it influences not only how slim they are, but the overall quality of their skin, hair and nails.

Miranda Kerr has her own special diet and a favourite superfood smoothie that consists of things like maca, spirulina, coconut oil, chia seeds and other ingredients that are chock-full of antioxidants and other goodies. A lot of celebrities go gluten-free and a lot of them are vegan, so consider incorporating this into your own lifestyle.

Oil treatments

Think oils are only for people with very dry skin? Think again, because oils can apparently be very useful even for acne-prone, oily skin. They are popular in celebrity skin care, and Emma Stone admits to using simple olive oil to keep her skin lush. Argan oil is also excellent, especially for aging skin, and a combo of tea tree oil and castor oil can be used to treat acne and inflammation.

Dermal fillers

For less than half an hour work, you get an instant facelift without the high cost, or the complications. Dermal fillers have the ability to give your face back its youthfulness, and Nicole Kidman and Meg Ryan are known to have used them several times.

Your beauty, regardless of how you like to approach it, is something personal. Whether you want to stick to simple skincare routines or go get some plastic surgery done, it’s up to you and no one else. Will it make you happy? Yes? Then that’s all there is to it, and these celebrities can serve as an inspiration.

This guest post was written by Amy Mia Goldsmith. A lifestyle blogger at High Style Life