4 Strategies That Can Help You Maintain Healthy Habits

It’s easy to start doing a healthy habit. What most of us fail with is sustaining these habits for a long time. Ian Taylor, a senior lecturer in psychology at Loughborough University, explains that many people fall into this trap because the type of m ...

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8 Different & Simple Ways to Approach Mindfulness

Struggling to keep up a consistent mindfulness routine? Does it seem like some magical thing only the chosen ones can master? Does it feel too complicated? It doesn’t have to be. The truth is, it doesn’t take years until you can start reap ...

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20 Ways to Create a DIY Spa Day

Everyone needs a little TLC, but spa days can be quite expensive. So, here are 20 ways to help create the perfect DIY spa day. Whether you are reconnecting with your inner self, making a romantic day of it with your partner, or inviting the squad over ...

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how to start a minimalistic morning routine

How to Start a Minimalist Morning Routine

Mornings can be rough for some people. I totally can relate! When your bed is so warm and cozy, it is tough to leave it to face the real world. I have found if I have something to look forward to, I am more likely to get up with my first alarm and fac ...

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Self-Improvement Tips

5 Self-Improvement Tips to Help You Excel Even During Tough Times

As I’m sure we would all agree, these are crazy times we are living in… We are all plagued with the stress and strain of economic instability, quarantines, lockdowns, illness and just uncertain times in general… And while so many of us are ...

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