How to take control of failure

How to Take Control of Failure

Failing is an inevitable part of life unfortunately and it can be hard to cope with. Let’s be honest, it straight up sucks when you work so hard for something just to have it come crashing down. If you let it then failure can start to consume you and ...

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3 easy ways to start taking better care of yourself

3 Easy Ways to Start Taking Better Care of Yourself

This year wasn’t an easy one for me but there are certain things which made this year probably the best one of my life. I have always been vocal about my struggles with depression and mental illness and how I had been suffering for the past many years ...

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How Self Care Can Help You Live Your Best Life

How Self-Care Can Help You Live Your Best Life

Whilst I was on holidays a few weeks ago I decided (after much umming and ahing) to head down to the local beach while my partner Mike was at work, just to check it out and go for a walk (This is something I used to do multiple times per week). I ende ...

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7 habits that will change your life

7 Habits That Will Change Your Life

Changing a particular habit in your life is more comfortable to talk about than to do. Your joy, your inspiration, and your success are the complete outcomes of the combination of all your habits. Every individual has the same opportunity to enjoy pro ...

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How social media can cause us to shame ourselves

How Social Media Can Cause Us To Shame Ourselves

Have you ever just sat on your phone staring at your social media page waiting for the likes and comments to just roll in? I know I have; I’m sure we’ve all done it. Thing is, it isn’t we’re hoping for a ton of likes and comments, we’re hoping to be n ...

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