5 Steps To Recognizing Your Flaws + Worksheet

Looking at myths and tales of olden times, there always seems to be a common mistake in the downfall of a hero. They become too proud, or self-centered, or let their ego get the best of them. As they hit rock-bottom, they realize this hamartia, or fat ...

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Mind tricks vs intuition

Mind Tricks vs. Intuition: How to Know the Difference

The mind plays tricks on a daily basis yet most people are unaware of this. They believe these thoughts are their own. In reality these are false belief systems. A way for the mind to control the true self into submission. Since most people don’t ...

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ways to cope with self isolation and stress

5 Ways to Cope with Self-Isolation and Stress

Self-isolation is tough, it has been a huge change in routine for the vast majority of us and has given us all new challenges to face. For those with mental health the lack of support can and has been deadly. I am here to give some tips on coping with ...

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Building Useful Connections

3 Facts You Need to Know About Building Useful Connections

What comes to mind when you hear the word “connection?” For a lot of people, it means being close friends with another person, and I can understand that train of thought. But, while you can be friends with someone in your connection circle ...

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Working from home

5 Ways to Stay Productive When Working From Home

Managing a home life and work life is challenging. The pull between the two feels constant. At least when you’re commuting into an office, there is a physical space created that can help ease that tension, but when you start working from home, suddenl ...

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