A popular trend that made waves within the last year is multi-masking. Basically, multi-masking is a technique where you put a different mask on certain “zones” of your face.

Everyone loves a good skin mask. After cleansing, there’s no better feeling than slathering on a detoxifying or brightening mask and sitting in front of your favorite Netflix show with a glass of wine. It’s one of my favorite beauty rituals that I never skip.

According to the company Derma9, there are three zones of your skin — the T-zone, S-zone and the eye zone. Each zone needs separate care, due to each zone being different than the other. The T-zone runs across your forehead, down your nose and on your chin, where most people have congested or large pores. The S-zone is the area around your cheeks and temples, which is usually drier and a little duller. Then, of course, the eye zone is the area underneath your eyes, which can be wrinkly and delicate.

Normally, for people with combination skin (where are my combo gals at??), the T-zone is also more oily, the S-zone needs hydration and brightening, and the eye zone also needs hydration.

When I want to multi-mask, I like to grab two kinds of masks — one for oil control and purifying and one for brightening. Since I have acne and scars on my skin, that’s the perfect masking cocktail for me. But if you have drier skin, you can always go for a hydrating gel mask instead of a purifying one.

I usually use a clay or charcoal mask down my T-zone to detox my pores. The T-zone has always been my problem area, and I have large pores and blackheads. I find the charcoal or clay mask really goes into my pores to work on cleaning them out. Plus, those type of masks also control oil, which is great for my oily skin. I have been loving the Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack for that area because it helps calm some of the redness I have, and works on clearing my skin.

For my cheeks and under my eyes, I love the I Dew Care Disco Kitten mask. I have multiple acne scars on my cheeks, so I really love using a brightening mask to try and help those dark spots. It’s a peel off mask that also exfoliates, which is great for when my skin is a little bit drier, plus the exfoliation also helps with acne scars. Plus, it’s a peel off mask, and those are always so fun to use and easy to take off!

If you’ve never tried multi-masking, it’s time to put your mask collection to use. Or go out and grab a couple of different masks and experiment! You’ll be surprised how much your skin will benefit from multi-masking. Each zone needs special attention and it’s important to give it the treatment it needs.

Have you ever tried multi masking before? Which are your favorite masks for multi-masking? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy masking and stay beautiful!

This guest post was written by Sam. A beauty blogger at What Sam Says.