If you’re lucky enough to have been working from home over the last few months then you may not have been putting much effort into your makeup routine. While it’s been nice to give my skin a break from wearing a full face I’m ready for that to change! There are a lot of fun fall makeup trends circulating the internet right now. I am excited to try them out and I think you should be too! By the way, places are opening back up, so it’s a good time to test out some new make trends before you venture back out into the world. 

Floating Crease eyeliner

Using a dark shadow to define the crease of the lid was a popular trend in the 60s and has had many iterations over the years. This season we are seeing a take on that trend called the floating crease eyeliner. With the floating crease eyeliner there’s no heavy shadow and no need to blend out the color. Think minimal eyeshadow and a single swipe of color in the crease that extends outward for a little drama. This style of graphic liner is a fresh futuristic take on a classic 60s look! 

Classic Blue eyeshadow

Classic blue – the Pantone color of the year is going to have a moment this fall. The class shade of blue is suitable for any skin tone and one of the more wearable shades of blue. I personally love this shade blended out for a dramatic smokey eye look, but feel free to add just a pop of color with a simple swipe of blue liner. Or, dare to wear two trends – classic blue as a floating crease liner! 

Pastel Makeup

When I think about pastel makeup I usually think about springtime and the upcoming summer months, but this year fall is all about color. Pastels shades are easy to wear and make a statement in the fall when most people are starting to wear darker colors. Shades like baby blue, periwinkle, and mint are an unexpected makeup trend for autumn.  Try out a simple swipe of pastel lavender over your lids with some mascara and a bit of lip gloss for an easy, yet attention grabbing look! 

Colorful Mascara

Colorful mascara is one of those trends that always pops up now and again. And, it just so happens to remind me of my teenage years when I was experimenting with new makeup. Matching shadow and lashes anyone? No? Just me? Well, colorful mascara is making a comeback again this year. And, my favorite way to wear this look is to keep the eye naked or stick to a simple swipe of black liner. Let your brightly colored lashes do the talking! 

Neon Makeup

Colorful mascara, pastel makeup, classic blue, and now neon makeup. Am I seeing a trend here? Apparently this fall season is all about injecting a little color into our lives. And, quite honestly, I think that we could all use it! Neon eyeshadows and liners have been seen on all of the 2020 fall runways and are just what you need to make a bold statement. I’ve seen everything from a subtle pop of neon color in the tear ducts (mermaid tears) to bright shadow on the upper and lower lids. 

White eyeliner

White eyeliner is one of the most wearable and simple trends for the upcoming 2020 fall season. White eyeliner is great because it has the ability to make your eyes bigger, brighter, and more awake. While it is possible to wear white eyeliner on the inner ducts, this season’s liner trend is more about a bold winged liner on the upper lid. 

Glam and Gothic

Dark and vampy looks are almost always on trend for the fall months, but this year we are seeing them extra glammed up. Pair a dark burgundy lip with full and flirty lashes. Or, rock smudge black eyeliner with a metallic eyeshadow. This look is a little more rock n roll chic rather than punk rock. 

Don’t be afraid to play around with these different looks. Makeup is supposed to be fun so I encourage you to try something that is a little outside of your comfort zone. I hope that these 7 fall makeup trends have inspired you to experiment with your look for the upcoming season.

What’s your opinion on these 7 fall makeup trends? Would you try any of these makeup looks? Let us know in the comments section below!


Tracy is the New Jersey based petite fashion and beauty blogger behind Find Your Dazzle. She is passionate about helping women discover their own personal style by providing outfit inspiration, beauty reviews, and lifestyle tips.