As I’m sure we would all agree, these are crazy times we are living in…

We are all plagued with the stress and strain of economic instability, quarantines, lockdowns, illness and just uncertain times in general…

And while so many of us are struggling and being held back at this time, others have managed to actually prosper and thrive!

The following are 5 tips on self-improvement to help you prosper and thrive during these trying times:

1) Take a Self-Improvement Course

In spite of what everyone is going through, it is an amazing time to improve your overall situation.

There are a whole host of online courses in areas ranging from business and  job certifications to cooking,writing, home improvement, and the list goes on….

While many businesses have gone under or taken major hits, many people have been able to take courses that have allowed them to transition into new, thriving careers and businesses!

Sometimes all it takes is a change in perspective!

So if you’re struggling to find employment or you’re needing a career change, head to your nearest computer and sign up for a course!

2) Become More Physically Fit

Let’s face it…  

Many of us have struggled to stay physically fit over the past 2 years.  Having been  in lockdown and dealing with many of the gyms and fitness centers being closed, many of us inadvertently put on a few pounds.

Luckily things are opening back up and we’re not as restricted.

But while so many of us were putting on unwanted pounds…

A good number of people managed to keep the right perspective and to see the opportunity to actually lose weight, rather than gain…

Once again, it was all about perspective and seizing the opportunity.

So if you’re like myself and so many others, and you’ve found yourself piling on some unwanted pounds…

I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the fact that you might have a little bit more downtime than usual. 

This is the perfect time to start a fitness routine to get you back on track and back to looking and feeling your best!

3) Join An Online Support Group

During these times of social distancing, masks, and staying indoors a great deal more…

This hasn’t been the easiest time to make friends.

And even though things are slowly starting to open back up…

Many people are still struggling with loneliness and isolation.

As a result, depression and the suicide rate are at an all-time high.

At this time, more than ever, having a social support group is so important.  

If you’re struggling to make friends in your current environment, try an online support group! 

This is a great way to meet people, interact, and to vent.

Studies have shown that these online interactions can be just as fulfilling and satisfying as physical interactions.

Going this route will help you to stay sane, prosper, and provide you the necessary support to thrive and be at your best.

4) Increase Your Knowledge Base by Reading Some New Books

A good deal of us are still opting to stay indoors in order to remain as safe as possible.

This is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the downtime and to improve yourself in a multitude of ways.  

There are so many books on a huge variety of topics.

You can learn about everything under the sun.  

You can learn about how to lose weight, update your home decor, enhance your skincare and beauty routine.. and just overall self-improvement tips in general.

You can go under or over during this time.  The choice is yours!

5) Start a new Self-Care Routine

With so much focus on just trying to keep our heads above water and so much focus on loved ones, many of us have neglected ourselves.  

A lot of the self-care practices that we had become so accustomed to had been interrupted as well.

Practices such as pedicures and manicures, massages, and getting our hair professionally done had gone by the wayside.

Now with things beginning to slowly open back up…

Now is a great time to resume those activities that we have put off for so long.

If you still have concerns about safety, there are many ways you can do these activities at home. 

 All it takes is a little creativity.

You can also incorporate new skin care routines, self love affirmations, and home grooming practices.  

The possibilities are endless.

So, while we know so many people are struggling and going through it at this time…

Many others have found ways to use these and other tips on self improvement to overcome and better themselves…

And so can you!

Just change your perspective and start to implement these tips on self improvement today.

And then begin to watch your life turn around and improve for the better!

So… are you just surviving or are you thriving during the pandemic?


Erin Mixon is a Blogger and Lifecoach that resides in Miami, Florida. She specializes in self development and spirituality content and aims to assist you in the process of navigating through life.  Erin uses life experience and relevant research in her blogging content to offer new insight and a fresh perspective. You can visit her blog, Imparted Wisdom or you can follow her on Twitter here.