Rather than taking care of our skin every day, a lot of people are woefully prone to taking their good complexion for granted, and then panicking when the first wrinkles start appearing. We’ll go to bed with makeup still on, we’ll forget about sunscreen, we’ll rely on youth to keep us looking good, and then when we wake up with a terrible acne breakout, we’ll grumble and try to fix months and years of bad skincare within a day. Ladies, don’t let this happen to you.

Look, do you want to be a stunningly gorgeous goddess with smooth skin, or do you want to suffer through countless dermatologist appointments and a bathroom cabinet full of products that promise miracle results yet fail to deliver? So, come here goddess, and let’s give your skin some tender loving care that it deserves.

1. Steam-scrub-hydrate

Once a week, you should have a little self-care ritual where you slough off all the dirt that has settled into your pores and give your face its radiance back. The best way to do this is a three-step process of steaming, scrubbing, and hydrating. How to go about it? It’s really easy: just grab a larger pot, fill it with water, and if you like you can throw in some herbs.

Put the water to boil, and once it does, remove it from the stove and lean your face over it. This will open up your pores completely, and once you’re done with that, you’ll need to exfoliate. Find a nice sugar-based scrub and remove all that dirt and sweat from your face, and then wash it all off. In the end, use a thicker layer of your favourite moisturizer and let your skin soak it all in. Now go ahead, touch your cheeks. You’ll be amazed how smooth they are!

2. Silk before cotton

Did you know that even the way you sleep can affect how many wrinkles you’ll get? Sleeping on your back is generally better for the skin of our face, and using silk pillowcases instead of cotton ones can help as well.

3. Cosmetic clinics

Occasionally, every woman should allow others to treat her like a queen. Every skin problem has a solution, and putting yourself in the hands of professionals who studied cosmetic medicine and who know exactly what you need will definitely help you look your best. Try a chemical peel for your acne scarring, or microdermabrasion to remove fine lines, or a number of other great procedures. After this, why not go for a massage? The point is, you’ve got to let people pamper you. Enough of you putting everyone else first and letting your own health and beauty go to waste. You’ve earned this.

4. Vitamin C serum and retinol

There are countless of products on the market, but a few of them have really shown promise when it comes to skin health. Vitamin C serums increase our skin’s collagen, fight free radicals, and help keep it glowy, while there’s no better cure for wrinkles than retinol-based creams (and sunscreen).

5. Tasty, healthy food

If you live on junk food and soda, your waistline isn’t the only thing that will suffer. Beside bad health, our skin is also very sensitive to what we eat, and processed foods can really mess with our hormones. Sugar is pretty terrible for anyone who struggles with acne, and greasy, low-quality food degrades the elasticity of our skin and leaves it in a very poor condition.

Does this mean you can never eat chocolate again? No! We wouldn’t be that cruel. The key here is moderation. Rely mostly on cooked meals, fruits, veggies, and then it will be fine for an occasional indulgence of your favourite sweet treat.

Nourish and care for your lovely skin, because you really deserve to look fantastic. Women seldom even remember how important they are, and they tend to be judged for their love of beauty products and makeup. This is totally ridiculous – makeup and skincare are really awesome, and you’re pretty damn great yourself. Apply these tips and enjoy the wonderful feeling of doing something nice for yourself.

This guest post was written by Amy Mia Goldsmith. A lifestyle blogger at High Style Life.