Hey guys (and gals!) I need to get real with you all for a sec. I use filters! Yup, I’m not super comfortable putting my face on Insta stories for the world to see without a filter.

Please don’t judge!! We’ve all been there, no? I never used to be uncomfortable about this sort of thing.

But it seemed once I turned 35, I started noticing signs.

You know, signs of aging! Ugh. Fine lines, wrinkles, even some dark spots. And I’ve always used great (i.e. usually expensive) skincare, anti-aging treatments, sun protection, etc. All those things you tell yourself you’ll never need.

But the truth is, the signs still came. I guess it’s raising three children, NEVER drinking enough water, the stress of moving abroad and navigating life in a foreign city OR just getting plain OLDER.

Recently, I found myself scouring the internet in search of something different, innovative even. There had to be something I was missing that the all-natural, home remedy world could share. I was DONE throwing money away.

And what I found was aerobics – for the face!! Yes, tons of different skin toning and wrinkle reducing facial exercises. Neck, eyes, forehead, eyebrows, mouth. Sure, they looked ridiculous in the photos and videos (think bulging eyes, fish face).

But before I could poke too much fun, I kept reading. Turns out studies have been done that not only prove that facial exercises work, but also revealed tons of other benefits too!

For real?! I started imagining all the extra funds I would have from saving money on pricey eye creams and night serums!

Facial Exercise Benefits:

Here’s the secret. Like eating right, working out, going to church and reading more self help books (ha!) consistency is KEY! Three days of pushing your cheek bones upwards in front of the mirror won’t make them sag less.

Skin is a muscle and must be WORKED! And when it is, here’s what happens…

  1. Skin becomes more elastic and aligned
  2. Blood and lymph flow improve
  3. Puffiness is reduced or gone
  4. Muscle strength is maintained
  5. ALL three layers of the skin (lower, middle and upper) are worked
  6. Healthy complexion with a beautiful glow free of toxins

It’s no wonder why celebrities such as Gisele Bundchen and Gwyneth Paltrow are hopping off the Botox bandwagon and onto these at home alternatives.

And whatever your facial pain point is and where you see the most visible signs of aging, there is an exercise that can help. Not to mention, its FREE! So your biggest investment is a few minutes each morning and night. What do you have to lose, right?

So if you’re like me and tired of looking for a fountain of youth product, here are three of my favorite facial exercises I can’t stress enough for you to try!

For the total eye area: Make a “V” with your middle and index fingers and place each hand under your eyes. Use your pointer finger to apply light pressure to the outer eyebrow. Raise eyes to the ceiling and raise lower eyelids as if to squint. Hold this pose for three seconds and relax. Repeat five more times and finish by squeezing eyes tightly for 10 seconds.

For “smile lines” or nasolabial folds: Make an “O” with your mouth as if you are pronouncing the letter. Hold for ten seconds. Repeat ten times. Easy!

For neck muscle tone: Stick out your tongue and point it upwards. Lift your head slightly and then turn it facing right. Lift head even further as if to stretch the skin around your neck. Hold for ten seconds. Return to starting position and repeat motion to your left side. Try not to laugh at yourself too much!

It’s recommended to perform these exercises in the morning and at night. Remember to breathe throughout. In two weeks’ time, you’ll begin to notice improvements. In 3-6 months, you’ll experience glowing more clear skin and firmer facial muscle.

I can’t wait to hear what any of your experiences have been with these. Have you tried facial exercises? Share your thoughs below!


Lauren Covino-Smith is wife/mother and the creator of The Expat Chronicle, a travel and lifestyle blog about moving abroad, adjusting to a new culture/language and doing it all with three toddlers!

Her articles have been featured in The Expat Magazine, The Bonjour App and various other travel/expat blogs.  An American native, Lauren currently lives in Barcelona with her family.  When she is not blogging, she can be found taking photos, sipping cappuccino or snacking on her favorite Spanish tapas patatas bravas. 

Her blog topics include travel tips, advice about life in Spain and her family’s journey. You can also find outwhat she’s up to on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.