This year wasn’t an easy one for me but there are certain things which made this year probably the best one of my life. I have always been vocal about my struggles with depression and mental illness and how I had been suffering for the past many years, but this year finally I collected the courage and consulted a therapist.

This year I also made some positive changes in my personality, for example, I have finally learned to say “No” to things which makes me push myself back, I have finally started to have self-confidence, I have finally begun to start appreciating myself more and beyond that, I have finally realized the importance of self-care.

To begin with, I realized very late that I am the one who could change her emotions. I am the only one who could think about myself and take measures to any extent in order to make myself a better person.

Honestly, self-care isn’t an easy step considering how advanced our lives have become with technology where we stick ourselves to mobile phones only and its difficult to make time for ourselves, so, how can we actually practice self-care?

I tell you, I was on the same boat a few months back till I realized self-care is a broad spectrum, but it isn’t really hard to achieve in fact I am doing, initially, just three steps for now because I do have a busy schedule and its harder to take time out for myself.

So, if you’re struggling like me then you have come across the right post because I am going to share my three easy self-care tips which you can follow even when you’re busy.

Shutting down your WiFi

One of the best ways to improve your physical and mental health is to shut down your wifi before you sleep. It might sound very crazy, but trust me, wifi is hazardous to our good health.

It’s more of a psychological practice but when I used to have my wifi on, trust me, I couldn’t able to sleep properly because all my attention focused on my phone only which left me having disturbed sleep.

While doing my thesis recently, I came across this article which explains how having a proper 8 hours sleep is important for a healthy mind, and one can only sleep without having any disturbance when your phone is at least 8ft away from your bedside. This allows the body to rest more deeply.

By turning it off at night, you are effectively going to have good hours of sleep which ultimately gives you a fresh start in the morning and has a focused brain about the tasks.

Also, when you sleep properly, it helps you fight against the toxins in your body and gives you a healthy lifestyle to cherish.


Every morning this is the first thing which I do. Pouring my heart out onto pages and talking about everything which I couldn’t say. Sharing my deepest secrets and expectations I am having at that moment… this all goes straightly into my journals.

I couldn’t urge people to start journaling more because not only it makes you organized in a practical way, but it also helps you keep control of your emotions. When I was dealing with my depression and anxiety, it was one of the strongest things which really helped me shape my state of mind in a more positive way.

This habit has given me an ability to peak through inside myself. There are moments where I feel so lost that I couldn’t able to grasp the root problems, but writing them down in front of my eyes and giving me a moment to actually pay light to every issue, yes!

Journaling enhances my exposure to dealing with life issues. It helps me focus on the positive side of the day. It might take some time to see the good effect in your life but you will definitely feel light and more than ever ready for everything because it will exit all the negativity in your life.


Imagine giving 10 minutes of your day to the activity which in return gives you so much peace, positivity and brings whole lots of good harmony into your day?

Meditation was one such thing which I wasn’t familiar with until I started doing yoga. Meditation helps me shape my thoughts and allowed me to see the focus point of my life.

Not only I practice this in the wee hours of early morning but also just before I go to bed. Whenever the day comes to end, I start to feel worse and more detached to myself due to constant negativity around me throughout the day but the moment I close my eyes and sat down in silence and just let my mind do the talk, in those moments, I find my sanctuary… my escape from negativity and my reach to positivity.

This practice is just a very intimate moment between you and you. Of all the chaos that occupies environs of our mind and soul and make a mess around us. This practice of silent retreat is all we need to gather ourselves and give us a space to process everything that is going on in our life.

So, these are the three things that really made me a person, a better version of myself, which I am today. I hope it helps you in one way or another too.

These are so easy that you can easily accumulate them in your busy schedule and enjoy the most positive hours of your whole day.


Saba is a lifestyle blogger from Pakistan. On her blog, you will find her talking about books, beauty and her life experiences.