Everyone needs a little TLC, but spa days can be quite expensive. So, here are 20 ways to help create the perfect DIY spa day. Whether you are reconnecting with your inner self, making a romantic day of it with your partner, or inviting the squad over, these suggestions will help you to relax and unwind.

1. Set the mood with the perfect playlist 

Music can add tremendously to an experience, so make sure you either make or put on the perfect playlist to encapsulate your mood. Many music streaming services will have a curated spa mix, or make a mixture of soft jazz, folk and ocean noises if you’d prefer to make your own.

2. Turn your phone on Airplane Mode, so you can fully unplug

If you want to get the true spa experience, it’s best to unplug completely. However, you might still want your camera and music accessible, so airplane mode allows you to use your phone without the distraction. 

3. Have a light, healthy meal ready ahead of time, so you don’t have to stop and cook

The last thing most people want to do during a day of pampering is stop and cook.  So, either pick up a meal or have one premade, especially if you have a group of friends over. Smoothies are always a great option, or a light fresh salad.

4. Candles or twinkly lights can also add to the mood

Mood lighting is a definite must to set the ambiance for the day. Candles or twinkly lights, or both are the best option to set the mood and allow one to relax.

5. Infused Water

Making a pitcher of infused water, like cucumber, is another way to level up your DIY spa. Simply wash and cut your favorite fruit/vegetable and let them soak in a pitcher of water. Keep refilling the pitcher as you use it to ensure you’ll have enough for the day.

6. Change into a robe 

You can’t go wrong as long as you’re comfortable. Silky robes are great for feeling sexy and free, or snuggle into a plush option straight from the dryer.

7. Sample an Assortment of Calming Teas

Another fun way to make your DIY spa day special is to have a calming tea sampling. This especially works well if you have a group that will most likely finish all the teas. Here are some examples for calming teas:

  • Chamomile Tea, Lemon Balm Tea, Peppermint Tea and Lavender Tea

8. Have a few special treats to munch on throughout the day 

Having a few munchies ready will definitely elevate your spa day experience, i.e. chocolates, veggies and dip, cookies or cheese and crackers are a nice touch. Make sure whatever you choose is unwrapped, as to not mess up your nails.

9. If you’ve invited the squad, personalized slippers along with a nail polish are a great party favor

Although a party favor isn’t necessary, it can be a great touch to a perfect day, as well as providing your friends the perfect photo opp for social media.

10. Use Essential Oils for aromatherapy

If you don’t have a scented candle, another option to invoke your sense of smell is aromatherapy. Lavender or a mix of your favorite scents is a sure-fire way to add to your relaxation.

11. Massage 

No spa day is complete without a massage. If you are indulging in a solo spa day, investing in a massage device is a must. You can buy a massage pad (similar to a heating pad). A massage wand might be a nice option if you have someone else to use it on you, or, of course, you could simply give one another a massage.

12. Take a break 

Sometimes pampering yourself can leave you feeling tired or needing a break. Take one as needed, but continue to pamper yourself by reading that book that has been on your nightstand or taking a power nap.

13. DIY Face Mask 

Depending on your budget, you may already have some of the essentials, such as a face mask, hair mask, etc., or if not, here is an easy recipe to make your own. 

  • 1/4 of an Avocado, 1 Tbsp Cocoa Powder, 1 Tbsp Honey

14. DIY Hair Mask 

Here are a few easy hair mask recipes.

  • 1 C Strawberries, 1 Egg Yolk, 3 Tbsp Olive Oil
  • 2 Tbsp Coconut Oil, 1 Tbsp Jojoba Oil, 3 Drops Peppermint Oil
  • 1 Avocado, 2 Tbsp Olive Oil, 2 Tbsp Honey, 3 Drops Lavender Oil

15. Cucumber slices for your eyes 

I always thought this was a silly thing they did in movies; however, cucumbers are known to lessen puffiness, reduce dark circles and bags under your eye. Plus, you might have some left over from your cucumber water.

16. DIY Flower Bath 

This might be difficult to do at a party, but with a romantic partner or by yourself, a flower bath is a luxury. Here is a recipe for your DIY Flower Bath.

  • Mix 1 can Coconut Milk, 1/4 C Honey, 5 Drops Lavender Oil
  • Once bath is half full of warm water, add 2 C Epsom Salts and above mixture
  • When tub is fully filled, add fresh or dried flowers

17. Warm your Towels 

There is nothing like that fresh “out of the dryer” feeling. Warm your towels in the dryer to be extra cozy after your bath or use a crock pot to heat face/hand towels if hosting a party and need multiple warm at once.

18. Moisturize

Cover yourself in lotion or coconut oil directly out of the bath. You will feel refreshed and moisturized from head to toe.

19. Give yourself a Mani/Pedi 

This might seem obvious during a DIY Spa Day, but I mean give yourself a thorough mani/pedi by pulling out all the stops:

  • Clip, File and Buff your nails
  • Push back your Cuticles
  • Use a Nail Brush
  • Exfoliate your hands and feet 
  • 1 Cup Granulated Sugar, 1/4 C Coconut Oil, 6 Drops of Lemon or Peppermint Oil
  • Lotion
  • Give your hands and feet a mini-massage
  • Apply Base Coat
  • 2 Coats of Color
  • Topcoat

20. Meditate 

Lastly, sit in silence with yourself. Allow yourself some real relaxation and take a break from all the stressors in your life.

Let the pampering begin and enjoy your DIY Spa Day!


Jillian Pfennig is a freelance writer, artist, and photographer. Follow along with her adventures on Instagram @jillianpfennig.