Don’t you love waking up like Snow White in the morning to birds chirping and the sun glistening into your bedroom window? Yeah. That’s definitely not my experience in the morning either. While I am grateful for waking up everyday, my morning face may need a little work. But there is hope. These ten things to do before bed can help us all feel less like frogs and more like princesses when the roosters crow.

1. Make tomorrow’s lunch

Exciting stuff, I know. I am a fan of bento boxes which means a little of this and a little of that. That translates to open and putting away multiple packages, peeling fruit and cutting sandwiches for one lunch. The days I pack lunch at night, I wake up feeling like I’ve got Pantene Pro hair and I’m bald.

If you want a little extra pep in your step, prep those lovely lunches at night. Also, the chance of your lunches being healthier is higher when you pack them the night before.

2. Clear your kitchen counters

Now, I didn’t say clean your entire kitchen but I strongly believe in a clean counter, clear mind. Your kitchen is usually your first stop in the morning for coffee or breakfast so take some time at night to remove the major eyesores and keep your stress at bay. Before bedtime, take 15 minutes to load the dishwasher and wipe down those countertops. You will be so thankful the next day for a clean slate.

3. Review tomorrow’s schedule

This one may seem counterintuitive in terms of relaxation but go on this journey with me. In order to truly relax, you have to feel prepared. To get to peace of mind, we’re going to have to check our calendars.

My son is on the swim team so three days a week, we need to remember to pack these items. I can’t tell you how quickly I can turn into momzilla if I can’t find one of the 6 pairs of goggles we own. And that’s just one activity. I love surprises as much as the next person but life gives us enough of those on a daily basis. If you’re not a morning person, spending an extra couple of minutes making yourself aware of what the next day holds.

Pro tip: Feel free to go the extra step here and actually pack your bags. Not completely necessary but I bet you find a little time to shimmy cause you’re feeling yourself so much!

4. Unfollow then unplug

It’s the end of the day and by this time, you have a good sense of what really isn’t working for you. I find this is the best time for me to unfollow one person or company on social media that doesn’t fit into my future lifestyle. As a blogger, clearly I am not against social media, but I know what it’s like to scroll through a bunch of messaging that you are no longer feeling. This takes about 2 minutes and over time, what you appreciate and value will be reflected in your online influences. Next step is to put your phone down and truly unplug for the day. Your “me time” has officially begun!

5. Take a warm bath or shower

There are two reasons I think this is a wonderful idea. One I’m proud of and one, not so much. Let’s start with the good. I love washing off all the day’s dirt, grime and stress with scalding hot water. It’s the best way for me to relax and if you have kids, it might be the only self care time you get.

Reason number two requires a little more vulnerability when you live on a small island. When you love to sleep as much as I do, you do everything possible to get every extra ounce in the morning. Let’s just say, me being clean is not as much of a priority since I “work” from home now. Getting a shower in at night helps me feel better just in case I can’t take one in the morning. Just make sure you don’t skip the deodorant at night. You’re welcome!

6. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

I’m not here to sell you on any skin care products. I am actually ashamed to share my skin care routine because it’s so basic. What I do know is that when I don’t slap some coconut oil or cetaphil on my face at night, I get cranky looking at that dry, rusty individual following me in the mirror. I know you probably won’t be red carpet ready first thing in the morning but adding moisture to your night time routine can make you feel okay about stepping outside. The closer I get to 40, the more this becomes a necessity so let’s create good habits now.

7. Kiss your loved ones

If you do nothing else on this list, this is a must. One thing this year has taught us is that time is precious. Make sure the people you love, especially the ones you live with, know how you feel. Remember, you’re one of the few people who can actually hug and kiss them so lay it on thick. You’re not just securing yourself a great morning but your family as well. Everyone in a good mood, you say? Sign me up for that!

8. Embrace aromatherapy

My life changed when I was given a diffuser. There is something about changing up scents based on how you’re feeling that I really enjoy. I normally would recommend candles but it’s night time and I don’t need anyone suing me for burning down their home. 2020 has been challenging enough so let’s stick to safe options like diffusers and essential oils. If you don’t want to bother yourself with any technology, try pillow mist. One spritz should send you into a deep trance of relaxation and get you ready for blissful slumber.

9. Practice gratitude

Gratitude journals are all the rage now and for good reason. Writing down one thing you are thankful for, shifts the focus to what’s good in your life. No matter what kind of day you had today or what craziness will meet you tomorrow, you should take a few minutes to remember there is something to be thankful for. Then use that as fuel to keep going especially during the tough times. Don’t try to make this a new task. Just write down whatever comes to mind and close your journal for the night. You’ve done well!

Read more about the benefits of journaling here.

10. Read something inspirational

Reading is so much more than quiet time. It’s a way to keep learning and opening yourself up to new perspectives. Even though I love television (ok, I might be low-key addicted), whenever I have finished just 15 minutes of reading, I feel so much better about myself. There is a sense of accomplishment I have that makes me feel taller. That may not hit me until morning because I have fallen asleep while reading but the sense of pride is still there. Finish the day by filling your own cup with joy and wonder. That’s not just for kids, you know.

Well, I hope this list inspired you to try something new before bed so you can wake up ready for a great morning. I’m all for baby steps , don’t try to tackle these all at once. Always work at your own pace and applaud every inch of progress you make. Do let me know if this was helpful. Wishing you all sweet dreams and savory mornings!


Melissa is a stay at home mom and lifestyle blogger. She is on a mission to help women feel confident enough to make the shift towards a lifestyle that reflects their values. A Data Analyst and certified Project Management Professional, Melissa does her best to inject organization and efficiency into everything. When she is not working, she likes traveling, hanging out with her family and operating just outside her comfort zone. If you want to know more about Melissa, you can check out her Blog or Instagram.