Unless you’ve been living under a rock for quite some time, you realise that how we apply and wear our makeup these days has had to have a massive re-write. 

Now that face masks seem to be a new necessity in life, it’s time to face facts that our makeup routine has to put focus fair and square on your windows to the soul!

That’s right, your makeup application must also adapt if it hasn’t already. It’s got to be all about the eyes!

Every lady has their favourite eye makeup product, I’m sure. I would love to share some of mine with you and also recommend some different types of eye makeup products that can help you cut your makeup time down, and that will last you all day. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m more than just a little bit partial to an eyeshadow palette. There is something reassuring about getting 5 (or more) colours in one. It’s probably all purely psychological, but it just seems like better value for money.  

There is also more freedom to mix things up when you have an eyeshadow palette to work form and not just a single colour pot. 

I can’t talk about eyeshadow palettes without mentioning my most favourite brand Viseart. These eyeshadows are high pigment, easy to work with and very blendable. The 01 Viseart Neutral Mattes is probably my most used eyeshadow palette of theirs. I have been through so many of these over the years. The range of colors in the 01 is perfect for a no-makeup look lid. Or if you’re going for something more glamorous, then use the darker colors to really make your eyes pop for an evening look.

The Viseart pigments are just so easy to work with and this matte palette is so versatile. There is no reason you shouldn’t have it within your beauty arsenal.

The new Viseart Petit Pro Palettes are also worth taking a look at. They are compact and easily pop into your purse for the day. I also adore the colour range in the new Midsommer and Solstice Petit Pro Palettes. Just gorgeous!

Julep’s Eyeshadow 101 is also something you should check out if you haven’t already. 

It’s so easy to use. It’s basically a crayon that is a cream eyeshadow. So you apply just as you would if you were using a brush, and the soft pencil deposits the colour on your lids. 

According to Julep’s CEO and founder Jane Park, she named it Eyeshadow 101 as this product single handedly makes eye makeup fool-proof. She’s not wrong there! 

The Julep Eyeshadow 101 crayon also lasts all day, according to studies on her website. I love hearing this as I’m a big advocate for not having to touch up my own makeup at work throughout the day. But what makes this even more appealing is that an eye makeup product can be so long lasting and not filled with chemicals.

Who among us doesn’t dream about owning more than their share of Pat McGrath eyeshadow palettes? There is something sumptuous and opulent about her products. From the decadence of the almost over the top packaging to the rich and power pigmented eyeshadows, these palettes are the true definition of TO DIE FOR! 

My long time favourite and curently unavailable (insert audible sighs here) palette is the MTHRSHIP Subliminal Dark Star Eyeshadow Palette. I know that it boils down to more than just the beautiful aqua blue packaging! But seriously, these cool charcoals, and deep metallics in navy blue and purple are just my favourites to dress up or down, depending on my mood and occasion.  And smokey eye? This palette is my first choice when I feel a smokey eye makeup coming on. 

I also love following her on social media. So many cool and relevant vintage images and videos that she uses to incorporate her current products with. Check her out if you’re not following her already.

Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes Velvet Eyeshadow I have to mention this beauty from Too Faced. The soft fragrance of peached and sweet fig is enough to give you an appetite upon opening this pretty palette. 

I love to use these eyeshadows for a wash over the entire lid. 

However, I have noticed that on some people, the pigment can tend to oxidize a little, and the colours can look way more warm than they may appear in the palette. This is nothing that trying and testing before committing to can prevent from knowing what pigments will look like on the eye. 

The colors and is just so soft and feminine. Perfect for a soft girl look, or to warm up the face for an online zoom meeting or class. 

This is a strong little palette and even though it’s compact in size, it’s colours and contents are well worth adding to your makeup collection if you havent already. 

RMS Cream Eyeshadow Although I’m quite new to these creams from RMS, I have to rave about them to you! These lovely eye makeup products all feature a slight shimmer to them. I love Solar. It looks so pretty and feminine for day wear or build up layers for a more intense night-time makeup look. With ingredients such as coconut oil and jojoba oil, the cream glides onto your lid with ease. This product feels so light on the eyelid as well. 

The cream also contains Vitamin E so you’re actually treating the delicate skin of your eyes at the same time as looking great. What more could you even want out of your eyeshadow? 

I also love that you can really apply this in just a few seconds! Yes, you read correctly. Just a quick swipe with a clean finger, and a gentle sweep across your lid and you’re set.  

It’s also worth mentioning that all of RMS products are made from raw, food grade ingredients. They also strive to present all of their product lines in recyclable packaging. I do love an ethical beauty brand!

Urban Decay’s Naked Palette in Heat is a great palette for any complexion and eye colour. With 12 varying shades of warm and earthy brown tones, this high pigment product is perfect to create some drama on your eyes. 4 of the 12 colours have a shimmer pigment and you can really create some beautiful looks with layering colours from this palette. So much variety to get creative here. And the perfect palette to really make your eyes come to life!

If you’re just looking for a hint of colour on your eyes, then you should check out Jillian Dempsey Lid Tint. This product delivers exactly as it claims. It’s such a fine, creamy consistency that looks so dewy on the lids. Perfect if you’re after a natural everyday look. The list of ingredients also reads far more like a skin care product than a makeup product as well. This product would pair so nicely with a dramatic mascara application as well. Light on the lids, extra drama on the lashes!

Lid Tint is perfect for those of us that can lean towards the drier end of the complexion scale as well. Particularly through winter, when we tend to drink less water and can neglect hydrating our skin, this product is a must have for the dry-skinned among us.

Anastasia Beverly HIlls has released some very popular and beautiful eyeshadow palettes in their time. Some you could even call classic cult favourites. One that I’d love to share is the Subculture Eyeshadow Palette

It’s a super cool, perhaps slightly daunting palette for the more faint hearted makeup lovers among us! Subculture features a range of colours that I adore. Perfect for the change of season to create eye makeup looks reminiscent of the leaves turning orange of Fall. The olive/dark greens and yellow to the contrasting reds and auburns are just so vibrant but still kind of earthy and chic. Love it! 

Kevyn Aucoin The Loose Shimmer Shadow is the coolest eyeshadow product I have used in a long time! It’s basically a little mini-roll on for your eyes. I’m always reluctant to use loose shimmer powders. The fallout is always an issue and noone ever wants that shimmer spilt in their purse or on their bathroom countertops or cabinets. With The Loose Shimmer Powder, all of those issues don’t even exist. You just roll this product gently over your eyelid and voila! Eye makeup done. Your eyes will pop with these shimmer pigmented delights.

Thanks for indulging me in sharing my favourite eyeshadow products with you. I hope there’s something in there and remember, it’s all about the eyes now. So have a play, get creative and add some drama to your eyes. They are our most important means to communicate whilst wearing masks now. So use them!


Kerrin has been a film and television makeup artist for 25 years. In recent times she has turned her hand to her long running passion of writing. Kerrin has created her own website and blog in which she hopes to be able to inform and educate women of all ages. And that she can inspire and  pass on information and techniques she has learnt along the way in her career.