Africology - Review

Africology – Review

Today, we’re going to be taking a closer look at Africology – a luxurious, local beauty company that aims to deliver clean, green, and natural skincare and bodycare products. I’ve been testing their product range for a few weeks now, and d ...

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signs that you are ready to change your life

6 Signs That You Are Ready To Change Your Life

Have you ever felt like something inside of you is trying to shout out that it’s time to stop playing small and be ready to change your life? Transformation can feel super scary yet thrilling at the same time. Sure! It takes some courage to get out of ...

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how to start a minimalistic morning routine

How to Start a Minimalist Morning Routine

Mornings can be rough for some people. I totally can relate! When your bed is so warm and cozy, it is tough to leave it to face the real world. I have found if I have something to look forward to, I am more likely to get up with my first alarm and fac ...

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Self-Improvement Tips

5 Self-Improvement Tips to Help You Excel Even During Tough Times

As I’m sure we would all agree, these are crazy times we are living in… We are all plagued with the stress and strain of economic instability, quarantines, lockdowns, illness and just uncertain times in general… And while so many of us are ...

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Celluvac – Review

Facial tools can be pretty life-changing. Not only do they have the potential to lift and sculpt the face while waking up your complexion, but the act of using them, aka giving yourself a proper facial massage — is the ultimate self-car ...

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Set better boundaries & stop people pleasing

How to Set Better Boundaries & Stop People-Pleasing

By setting your boundaries, you are telling others how you want and expect to be treated. You are setting the limits about who can come into your space and what you what you expect of others once they are there.  This includes how you want t ...

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clean and vegan beauty products

Best Resources for Finding Clean + Vegan Beauty Products

Finding clean and vegan beauty products has become much simpler in recent years with the development of apps and other resources to streamline the process of finding cleaner products with healthier ingredients. The conversation around the health impac ...

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Fashion Hotline: Dressing Your Best Based on Your Body Type

Women just love the idea of dressing up. We like to stare down our reflection over store windows. We have different fashion icons we look up to and clothing rules (basically guidelines) we adhere to. But before getting clothed and glammed up with thes ...

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